WIZZ Ride x CarTrawler

Jan 28, 2022

Wizz Air, Europe’s fastest growing and most sustainable airline*

Airbus aircraft, connecting
destinations across 50 countries
of distribution through digital channels

*Based on the Sustainalytics Rating.

Why did WIZZ Air partner with CarTrawler?

  • Innovative and iterative approach
  • Optimising expertise
  • Excellent user experience

WIZZ Ride, powered by CarTrawler, was a first-of-its-kind solution in the market, which allowed customers to schedule their WIZZ Ride or book in real-time directly through the WIZZ app. To optimise performance after go-live, the CarTrawler team focused on ways to increase the % of customers registering for a WIZZ Ride account. The initial user flow required a manual registration and authentication process and was not conducive to increasing engagement. As app user retention depends heavily on ease of use, it was essential to minimise friction of first-time onboarding and keep customers moving through the funnel.

The CarTrawler team set about implementing a Single Sign On (SSO) approach which meant that the same customer logged into the WIZZ App would be automatically linked and authenticated with a WIZZ Ride account subject to a one-time acceptance opt-in. As users could now sign in quicker, they could then find real value in the subsequent push notifications that were relevant to them. This ongoing engagement is essential for ensuring continued use of the app, particularly as 71% of all app users churn within 90 days if they are not kept engaged with the product.

This change had a materially positive impact on interactive and booking performance as the process was more straightforward for a first-time user. Initially the registration rate jumped from 7% to 34% – an increase of 386% and when further refinements were made this resulted in a further increase to the registration success rate of 54% – which is now a trending average for WIZZ App customers. This performance metric outperforms the industry average of install-to-register for brand e-commerce apps which typically average 39.5%. This achievement highlights how CarTrawler works collaboratively with airline Ancillary teams to realise their technological ambitions.

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By partnering with CarTrawler on WIZZ Ride, we had the opportunity to become the first airline in the world to aggregate ride-hailing and pre booked taxis in real-time to service our customers not only to and from the airport but throughout their entire journey. CarTrawler takes a uniquely innovative and iterative approach to partnerships, working closely with the WIZZ team to truly optimise performance and consistently enhance the user experience. With CarTrawler we can offer our customers a unique proposition, getting our customers from A to B all from within the WIZZ Air app.

Remus Moraru, Senior eCommerce Manager at WIZZ Air.

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