Alaska Airlines x CarTrawler

Jan 20, 2022

Driving Performance

largest airline in the US
class loyalty program Mileage Plan TM

Why did Alaska partner with CarTrawler?

  • B2B Expertise & Scale  
  • SmartBlock Dynamic Cross-selling Capabilities   
  • Loyalty  
  • On-going optimisation  

The Solution:

CarTrawler’s end-to-end platform across desktop, mobile and app


  • The CarTrawler Booking Engine
  • SmartBlock Cross-selling Technology
  • Best-in-class CRM
  • Fully loyalty enabled with the ability for Alaska Airlines guests to earn Mileage Plan miles on each car rental

Alaska Airlines wanted to expand their car rental & mobility offering, providing choice and the ability for their guests to earn loyalty miles across every rental. CarTrawler’s best-in-class technology platform, merchandising capabilities and commitment to growing its partners’ brands, not its own, was a key reason for Alaska Airline’s decision to partner with CarTrawler back in 2018.

CarTrawler went live with Alaska Airlines in January 2019. The entire design, build and integration was completed within 60 days.

From the moment the integration went live there was a significant uplift in bookings, which far exceeded the performance of their previous car rental provider. Not only did CarTrawler very strong uplift for Alaska Airlines after go live but we continue to drive performance outcomes throughout all of our partnerships beyond just year 1 . This material uplift showed how CarTrawler’s technology is being continuously refined to increase conversion rates and overall ancillary revenue outcomes for our partners. This showcased how important it is to work with a B2B provider that has the expertise and scale to deliver a best-in-class platform with on-going optimisations all powered by CarTrawler. Once integrated, there is zero effort on our partners’ side with all optimisations completed on CarTrawler’s.

Alaska is absolutely thrilled with the partnership. CarTrawler talk about best-in-class solution that you bring to the table, but you have a best-in-class team as well that helps implements and make it happen.

We were working within a very short time and it’s really risky, but the way that we did it, it was absolutely seamless. It was amazing because obviously CarTrawler did the bulk of the work. Heavy lifting was on CarTrawler’s side and we were really looking for something that we could plug-and-play.

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