easyJet x CarTrawler

Jan 24, 2022

Unlocking Ancillary Revenue through a best-in-class integration


Leading European Low-cost Carrier  
159 destinations
96.1M Passengers in 2019
£1.38B Total Ancillary Revenue 2019
Award Winning app

Why did easyJet partner with CarTrawler?

  • Complete choice for their customers
  • B2B Focus, merchandising capability and technology
  • SmartBlock – offering complete merchandising agility, continuous Iterations, bespoke display and product innovations for easyJet all supported by A/B Testing
  • Ability to personalise content and UI based on customer profile segment
  • Native Mobile Capabilities

The Solution:

CarTrawler’s end-to-end platform across desktop, mobile and app


  • The CarTrawler Booking Engine
  • SmartBlock Flightpath
  • SmartBlock Cross-selling Technology
  • Best-in-class CRM
  • Native SDK


SmartBlock our innovative award-winning cross-selling technology personalises display, content and pricing to each PNR or booking profile and allows CarTrawler control of the UI even in flightpaths and booking funnels to optimise at pace and scale. This touchpoint within the booking flow consistently outperforms all other touchpoints.

  • 80% less effort than XML
  • Across booking funnel, manage booking & confirmation page
  • Every optimisation executed by CarTrawler
  • Endless merchandising options and completely customisable
  • Fully loyalty enabled

The CarTrawler SDK

easyJet have an award-winning app and have integrated our SDK directly into their native flightpath and across standalone showing the strength of our best-in-class native product for car rental.

Interested in finding out what CarTrawler can do for you?

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