Aerial view of some roads and working meeting Aerial view of some roads and working meeting

Human Traveltech & Trading Squads

CarTrawler Trading Squads maximize revenue outcomes for our partners through actively performance managing our partners’ businesses every day.

These are cross-functional, self-organized trading teams, fully enabled with the resources and domain expertise to optimally manage & drive partner performance improvements at pace.

Our Trading Squads

Partner Relationship Manager

Key point of contact for partners & partner champions within CarTrawler

Squad Lead

Accountable for commercial performance & prioritisation of partner deliverables

Commercial Analyst

Delivering performance insights & reporting to the partner

CRM & Campaign Exec

Planning, executing & optimizing CRM & sales campaigns to drive revenues

Pricing Manager

Executing of car, insurance & sort strategy to maximize partner revenues

Digital Marketer

Developing & executing performance marketing strategies across relevant platforms

Supply Analyst

Delivering content reporting, monitoring gaps or price discrepancies across suppliers

Go-live Team

Dedicated Go-Live and Partner Integration teams with years of experience work with on partners during on-boarding ensuring a seamless integration experience

An empowered team that delivers

Performance is consistently optimised through co-ordination of pricing, merchandising, sort-order and CRM initiatives

Powered by cross-functional expertise

Opportunities for improvement are identified to deliver tangible uplifts for partners

Keeping our partners happy

Our teams take a proactive approach to maximising partner performance