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Our Technology Platform & Products

Leading Global B2B Traveltech

CarTrawler’s B2B proposition has been custom built in-house to serve the unique and diverse needs of the biggest travel brands and contains years of accumulated expertise in retailing car rental and mobility with a unique understanding of when and where to target different customers across the travel booking cycle.

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daily queries
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Seamless Integration & Unparalleled Speed to Market

CarTrawler provides seamless integration into any travel brands’ platform from legacy airline technology to OTAs to native only player. Our team’s deep expertise includes intricate knowledge of airline and travel distribution systems meaning that no other provider can integrate systems in the same way as CarTrawler. Once integrated there is zero partner overhead with all optimisations executed by CarTrawler.

CarTrawler Products

Flexible, customized to our partners UI, with unique cross-selling capabilities
– driving better outcomes through constant optimisation

CarTrawler Engine

Cross-platform, end-to-end booking engine for car rental and mobility that can be fully themed and branded in line with your brand guidelines

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Award-winning, proprietary cross-selling technology for flightpathconfirmation page and manage booking which personalises display, content and pricing to each PNR or booking profile

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Native SDKs

Seamlessly integrate car rental and mobility within your native iOS and Android apps. Our Mobility SDK – a unique customer proposition that allows customers to book transfers & ride-hailing

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Creating and executing sophisticated CRM strategies with email template builds, performance analysis, and copy creation, to drive performance for our partners  

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Enables partners to design their own UI giving them access to our market-leading global car rental supply and expertise, along with our revenue management and data science capabilities

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The CarTrawler Engine

Best-in-class whitelabel technology fully customised to our partners’ branding.

Designed, built and powered by CarTrawler
Seamless to integrate with no partner overhead
Feature rich and constantly MVT tested
Fully loyalty enabled with earn & redemption capabilities
Real-time, machine-learning pricing & sort models powered by data science


Award-winning, innovative cross-selling technology for flight-path, confirmation page, manage booking and online check-in that personalises pricing, content and display based on PNR or booking data.

Every optimization executed by CarTrawler
Unparalleled speed to market
Endless merchandising options and completely customisable
Fully loyalty enabled
weeks integration time
uplift in conversion
less effort than XML

Car Rental SDK

CarTrawler’s Native SDK allows your customers to seamlessly book car rental within your native iOS and Android apps. Featuring fully optimised mobile web flows, native solutions for app and tailored content, and pricing and display for mobile and app.  

We’ve also closed the gap between desktop and app conversion. Our Native SDK can be added as a standalone flow or integrated in-path as part of the flight booking funnel. There is huge potential to enhance your native app experience with our Car SDK.  

Better personalisation, more relevant content
Different UI views & messaging based on customer
Feature-rich, constantly iterated
Powerful Merchandising

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Through sophisticated CRM strategies, we reach a larger target market of shoppers for car rental and mobility than currently book with our partners. Our teams can create, execute and support partners with email template builds, email, performance analysis, and copy creation.  

The CRM team within CarTrawler are marketing experts, supporting our partners’ teams to plan digital marketing campaigns in order to drive traffic to the car rental microsite with full end-to-end email integrations, brand building, marketing tech stack integrations and optimising performance when partner data is shared. 

Merchandising, CRM & notification platform, SEO optimisation
Internal team that builds customer engagement through Customer Segmentation  
Conversion Expertise & Demand Generation 
Best-in-class CRM strategy & execution to unlock additional revenue streams 

Our Revenue & Optimisation Platform is driving partner performance


Through the CarTrawler API, we power car rental solutions for some of the worlds biggest travel brands.

CarTrawler enables partners to design their very own car rental interface and plug it into our market-leading car rental feed.

Market-leading global car rental supply and expertise
Complete support of partner rates
Maximise yield through Data Science teams
Fully PCI and PSD2 compliant