Swiss promotes branded fares with perfection

Oct 25, 2018

Branded fares remain the single best way to boost a la carte revenue.  This at-a-glance method typically offers consumers a good, better, and best array of products.  The base fare provides minimal amenities; consumers may upgrade to higher priced fares that offer more perks.  There are two distinguishing features.  Each fare type is always available and the “good” choice is not sold out while the “better” remains available.  This follows a basic rule of retailing, the product is always kept “on the shelf.”  The second feature is the management of the price difference between the choices.  These should be reasonable and predictable.  For example, a middle choice might represent a €25 upgrade from the basic product, while the top choice costs an additional €35.

Here is how SWISS excels with its branded fare presentation:

  • Simple and easy-to-understand branding is used: Light, Classic, and Flex.
  • For this Madrid to Zurich flight, the upgrade from Light to Classic is a modest €20, and a bit pricier €45 for Flex.
  • The quantity of fare features (bullet points) increases proportionally for the better and best choices. This visually justifies the higher pricing.
  • The Classic fare is highlighted with the forward placement of the box and the “Recommended” ribbon in the upper right corner.
  • More details for all three fares are easily displayed by clicking the “i” button.

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