CarTrawler Launches The ‘Green Kit’ For All Employees

Oct 13, 2019

The CarTrawler team recognises the urgency to take action in combating global climate change and other environmental challenges. As part of CarTrawler’s commitment to playing our part in this change, we’re delighted to launch the CarTrawler “Green Kit”. We are providing every employee with reusable keep cups and bottles, allowing them to incorporate sustainability into their daily lives. Each employee can now be more involved in our sustainability efforts, by making a positive change.

With the CarTrawler ‘Green Kit’, our goal is provide employees with a sustainable replacement for their disposable coffee cups and plastic water cups. The provision of these ‘Green Kits’ means that the CarTrawler team has the choice to take responsibility over their own impact on the environment.

Having previously made the move to compostable containers for takeaway food and drink at the end of 2018, the CarTrawler ‘Green Kit’ is the next steps in our journey to becoming a more sustainable workplace. Our focus in 2020 is on environmental sustainability awareness and initiatives, and our ‘Green Kit’ reflects our commitment to “Choosing Green in 2020”.