Europe is leading international booking growth with North America & Australasia staying home

Jun 26, 2020

26th June 2020: As we monitor consumer booking behaviours regionally, we continue to see behavioural discrepancies across the board. The key trend splitting regions is consumer booking behaviour for international or domestic locations.

In Europe, the percentage of international bookings has increased again seeing +7pp swing in favour of international bookings versus last week. While many of the key mainland nations have grown in volume for both domestic and international traffic, international continues to grow at a faster pace, making up 43% of bookings this week versus 37% last week. This is in complete contrast to Australasia and North America where the split between domestic/international has remained constant week on week, at 97% and 94% domestic respectively.

We can see that New Zealand’s Covid-Free status saw a +124%  increase in gross bookings week on week. It’s important to note this growth is driven predominately by domestic travellers as New Zealanders are free to travel within their own country. Looking at year on year trajectory of gross bookings, New Zealand has reached parity with 2019 in week 24 driven by these domestic bookings.

Consistent recovery in bookings across various regions again highlights the ability for travel to bounce back in a post-COVID world.